Our Manifesto

Life Centered Planners exists to help transform the world of financial advice. Pure and simple. We're bringing together advisors from around the globe who deliver - or want to deliver - Life Centered Planning.

There's a Revolution Going On

Thousands of members  around the globe are now seeing the benefits of delivering Life Centered Planning. 

The Life Centered Planner sees the true potential of being unshackled from industry chains and instead being wholly invested in the well-being of their client.

We work with advisors who change lives as a part of their daily routine.

We associate with advisors who imagine the best this profession can be, who restore trust, who put clients lives at the very center of their service. Who inspire clients to get the best life possible with the money they have: a better return on life, not just a better return on their investments.

Together, we are the ones who will change things. We are the ones who know there is something more; that consumers deserve more, that the financial advisor needs to deliver more, and, in so doing, we can create a much sought after and mighty profession. We are the one's that will elevate the term ‘financial advisor’ and ‘financial planner’ to a place of unprecedented honor and distinction, by focusing on clients lives, more than we do their money.

If you're perfectly satisfied with the status quo, if you’re happy with how the industry ‘Assets Under Management money game’ works; if you think it’s all about the money, this isn’t for you. Stay where you are.

But if you believe what we believe; if you deliver - or want to deliver - Life Centered Planning, raise your hand and sound your voice! Together, Life Centered Planners will define the future and change the world of financial services, forever.

The time for radical change is NOW.

About the Founders

Mitch Anthony and Paul Armson, Co-founders of the Life Centered Planning movement, first met in September 2017 at the UK’s BACK2Y Lifestyle Financial Planning Conference. There they heard each other’s stories and experienced a WOW moment. There they were, on different sides of the Atlantic, doing the same thing: gradually re-shaping the world of financial advice. Helping financial advisors see the benefits of life centered planning rather than money centered advice for both themselves and their clients.

Both share poignant, powerful life experiences that have put a fire in their bellies to turn gradual re-shaping into a revolutionary movement. To spread the word of Life Centered Planning to as many people as possible as fast as possible.

That’s why we need as many financial planners and advisors to jump on board and join us.

Paul Armson

Paul became a financial advisor in 1982. He started delivering ‘Lifestyle’ Financial Planning to WOW his clients in 1990 and built a small but highly profitable fee-based financial planning practice focused primarily on helping small business owners and retirees plan their escape and live a life of Riley.

After the sudden death of his Mum, he vowed to make ‘Life’s not a rehearsal’ his mantra and live life accordingly. He semi-retired at the age of 45 to start sailing his yacht ‘Spellbound’ around the world with his soulmate Lynn.

When he’s not sailing, Paul helps other financial advisors successfully transition to a Life Centered 'Lifestyle Financial Planning' model.

Paul launched ‘Inspiring Advisers’ in 2013: an online training programme to help advisors learn his methods in the comfort of their home or office. It is now a fast growing community of Lifestyle Financial Planners from the UK and around the globe.

Paul is the author of three books, two for Advisors: ‘The Financial Advisor’s Survival Guide – How to Succeed and Prosper in a Fee Only World’ and ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Financial Planners – How to really matter in the lives of your clients’; and one for consumers.

Frustrated with the vested interests of the financial services industry, Paul believes it is time to start telling consumers what he calls ‘the truth about money’. His book ‘ENOUGH? How Much Money Do You Need for the Rest of Your Life?’ is helping consumers understand and reach out for proper financial planning.

Paul is the Founder of BACK2Y, The Lifestyle Financial Planning Conference which he supports without any sponsorship or backing from product providers or investment institutions. There are no free lunches. No free pens. No free golf balls. No free iPhone chargers. Paul believes that, in a fee only world, Advisors need to break the shackles of the financial industry and create a service proposition that does not rely on the sale or implementation of a financial product.  Advisors need to get ‘back to why’ they do the work they do: to take care of people and to help clients get and keep a great life.

Paul is passionate about changing clients and advisors lives through the successful delivery of PROPER life centered Financial Planning.

Mitch Anthony

Mitch Anthony’s first introduction to Life and Money came in his role as the founder of a Suicide Help line during the farm crisis of the Mid-1980’s in Iowa. Farmers were losing their multi-generation farms because of unwise financial decisions and now were contemplating the worst decision of all.  This was his first window into the relationship between wise money management and a life well lived.

Mitch decided to focus on youth and for the next decade he spoke to 3-4 million students and teachers in hundreds of schools and began developing Life-Skills curriculums that were taught in high schools and middle schools around the globe.

In the late 1990’s Mitch was approached by companies in the Investment and Insurance world who were seeking to improve the communication and relationship skills of their representatives. It was this portal of opportunity that alerted him to the wide chasm between salesmanship and service in the financial industry. Shortly thereafter Mitch wrote three books that would become perennial best-sellers in financial services; STORYSELLING for Financial Advisors, The New RetireMentality and Your Clients Story.

Soon realizing the shortcomings of the financial planning movement, such as the monomaniacal focus on numbers, he introduced the idea of Financial Life Planning in his seminal book, Your Clients for Life. Mitch then founded the Financial Life Planning Institute and began to create discovery tools and resources for advisors and planners that wanted to get to the heart of the money with their clients.

More recently Mitch has been a co-founder of two organizations that will propel the Life-centered planning revolution forward around the world; LifeCenteredPlanners.com and ROLAdvisor.com. He is also preparing to launch the Life Centered Planning certificate program with Texas Tech University in January of 2019.

Mitch believes that the time has arrived for Life Centered Planning and that money-centered planning leaves too big a void in satisfaction and meaning for clients. He is convinced that the future of the financial advice profession will surely be led by Life Centered Planners.


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