Our Manifesto

Life Centered Planners exists to transform the world of financial advice. Pure and simple.

From different parts of the planet, Paul Armson and Mitch Anthony joined forces with a simple mission in mind: to help more and more advisors make the switch from product and investment focused financial advice to client focused life centered planning. To finally break the shackles of an untrusted financial industry and build a trusted ‘Life Centered’ Financial Planning profession.

The industry of advice has existed to push products, push processes that push products and push advisors to gather more assets. This doesn’t build trust. It never has and it never will. The client is an after-thought to the industry no matter how much lip service they pay to them.

The Life Centered Planner sees the true potential of being unshackled from industry chains and instead being wholly invested in the well-being of their client. Life Centered Planners is bringing together advisors from around the globe who deliver, or want to deliver, Life Centered Planning.

We work with advisors who change lives as a part of their daily routine.

We associate with advisors who imagine the best this profession can be, who restore trust, who put clients lives at the very center of their service. Who inspire clients to get the best life possible with the money they have: a better return on life, not just a better return on their investments.

Together, we are the ones who will change things. We are the ones who know there is something more; that consumers deserve more, that the financial advisor needs to deliver more, and, in so doing, we can create a much sought after and mighty profession. We are the one's that will elevate the term ‘financial advisor’ and ‘financial planner’ to a place of unprecedented honor and distinction, by focusing on clients lives, more than we do their money.

If you're perfectly satisfied with the status quo, if you’re happy with how the industry ‘Assets Under Management money game’ works; if you think it’s all about the money, this isn’t for you. Stay where you are.

But if you believe what we believe; if you deliver, or want to deliver, Life Centered Planning, raise your hand and sound your voice! Together, Life Centered Planners will define the future and change the world of financial services, forever.

The time for radical change is NOW.



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